Saturday, January 21, 2012

More curtains

Today I tackled the middle boy's curtains.  I was surprised by his fabric choice -- he usually likes blues.  I thought he'd go for one with stripes, or dots, or something more boyish.  Instead he chose this dark orange with white and black birds.  We walked around the entire fabric and curtain area at Ikea twice, and he insisted on this fabric.  I hope he likes it for a while!

I tried a different type of iron on hemming tape.  This stuff came in packs of 10 yards, the stuff I bought earlier was in 3 yard packs.  This stuff also had paper backing.  The instructions said to iron it on adhesive side down for 2 seconds, then remove the backing, attach the fabric, and iron for 8 more seconds.  This is how I expected the stuff I used yesterday to work, but that stuff just said to iron on one side, and there was no backing.  I prefer the stuff I used today.  I did have trouble removing the paper backing on a few sections.

Another thing I did differently today was in how I made the second curtain.  Yesterday, after making the first, I measured its length, and then tried to make the second the same length.  It didn't work well.  The second curtain ended up about 1/2 an inch shorter than the first.  Today, after making the first curtain, and doing the top hem on the second curtain, I placed the first on top of the second, to figure out where to place the bottom hem on the second curtain.

Both the cat and dog tried to help. 

The middle boy's bedroom window has an arch over the top.  I have no idea what you are supposed to buy to cover that, so I installed the rod just straight across the bottom of the beginning of the arch.  

I was very happy with how these turned out.  They were much quicker than the first set too!  Tomorrow I'll try to do the fat little rabbit's.  

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