Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reading Challenge #18 - East of Eden

Book 18 was East of Eden.  Why did no one make me read this book before????  It was beautiful.  Due to an odd high school curriculum, I was never assigned a great number of books that most reasonably well-read adults have been made to read at some point.  I have to thank Mumford and Sons for writing a beautiful song that interested me in reading the book that inspired it.  I'm now off to find a list of other books that I should have read a long time ago, and am looking forward to some great discoveries.

Also, when reading a book that everyone assumes every other adult has already read at some point, be aware that people will try to spoil it for you.  I had to talk over two people on two different flights who wanted to talk about their favorite parts of the book -- parts I hadn't gotten to yet!  They both looked skeptical when I said I was reading it for the first time, and please don't tell me how it ends.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Negative Calories

So I've been slowing chipping away at the baby weight from my last pregnancy, but have been stuck in the same five pound range for about two months now.  I haven't been watching what I've been eating well at all, and have been making a few too many batches of cookies.

I decided to try harder this week.  My coworkers did not make this easy.  On Tuesday someone brought in cookies.  The cookies from this bakery are so good, that they are usually gone within fifteen minutes of someone e-mailing the office and saying they brought some to the break room.  I resisted.  On Friday, someone brought in doughnuts.  I love doughnuts.  Thursdays are traditionally doughnut morning in our family, and I resisted then.  I resisted Friday too.

I should  get to count negative 800 calories, right?