Sunday, January 22, 2012

6 miles

Six miles is a bad distance for me.  When I started training for my first half marathon, the first 6 mile run had me convinced that I was crazy for even trying.  Today my run was 6 miles, and it sucked.  Somewhere between mile 5 and 6, I hit a wall, and I'm not past it by the time the end of the run rolls around.  I did myself no favors when choosing my route today either.  I wanted to go somewhere different, and I underestimated the hills on one of the roads.  I hate hills.  I know I need to work on them, but this road had the two highest elevation points of my run, with a drop in the middle, so basically I ran up the same hill twice.  Ugh.

The training schedule I penciled into my planner has me running 6 miles again next week.  I think I may just up it to 7, just to see if I can get past the part of the run I hate.

I am also getting bored with my running music.  I don't like much music to begin with, and I am finding myself getting annoyed with 2 of every 3 songs that comes up on my playlist.  My husband suggested podcasts, and I may try that next week.

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