Thursday, January 19, 2012

In which I make curtains

So I decided to make some of the curtains today.  I went at got some iron on hem tape, rather than try to sew them by hand, or pay for a sewing machine.  The window started like this:

  So you can see why not having curtains or blinds was a problem. Windows that face out to the street?  They need curtains.

I set the fabric out, and started with the iron on tape.  We somehow failed to pack our ironing board when we moved, so I had to improvise with a towel on the floor.  It worked fine.

Our cat decided to help.  He was not very helpful.

The biggest problem came when I went to hang them up.  I bought curtain rods from IKEA, and when I went to hang the rods, I discovered that they did not come with the screws necessary to attach the holders to the wall. This seems wrong to me.  A quick stop at our local hardware store fixed that though, and I got them all hung!  I"m pretty happy with how they turned out!  I think I'll start on the others this weekend.

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