Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Photos

I bravely ventured out for the annual holiday photo shoot.  The year before last, we said we would never spend money again for the mediocre stuff we got from Sears -- we could do better at home.  The at home pictures last year were fine, but were complicated by one boy recovering from a fairly bad cold, and another who didn't want to hold still.  I finally got a good one in the front yard, when they were wresting.  It looks like they were hugging.

With three of them to wrangle this year, and our house lacking a good place to stage a photo shoot, I thought I'd try our luck at Target.  When the studio called to confirm our time yesterday, they mentioned that during the weekends in December they book every 10 minutes, so we had to be on time, and no wardrobe changes.  I am not organized or motivate enough to buy more than one set of coordinated holiday outfits anyway, so the no wardrobe changes rule was fine by me!

Given the 10 minute appointment increments, I was expecting a mad house.  When we arrived 15 minutes before our appointment though, we were the only ones there.  I chose two backgrounds, and we started.  The photographer started with the red head holding the fat little rabbit, while middle child sat next to them.  First shot, fat little rabbit starts sliding down, and it looks as if her brother has her in a choke hold.  Next shot, the boys are looking at the camera and smiling, fat little rabbit is looking about to scream.  Then she smiles, but middle child is sticking his tongue out.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Somehow we manage to get a great shot of them all looking at the camera, with expressions at least approximating smiles.  Individual photos go better, as the photographer has to get only one kid to look at the camera at a time.  Grandparents will be appeased for another year!


I complained to Gap about my botched order.  I received an apology, and a coupon code for 40% off.  I picked out a new onesie, and a footed sleeper, and got ready to checkout.  And, the coupon code isn't valid on baby items.  I give up.  Gap clearly doesn't want my money.

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