Monday, December 12, 2011

4 miles

I was not able to run this weekend, as my husband went out of town to a bachelor's party for his friend.  By the time he got home Sunday night, I was to tired from running after three kids to go running for myself.  When we got home tonight, I said I was going for a run as soon as he was done with the elliptical.

I printed out the Hal Higdon training schedule the other day, and counted out on the calendar how many weeks I have until the half marathon in March.  I'm going to do double weeks of 4, 5, and 6 mile long runs, before ramping up to increasing one mile each weekend.  So tonight was the first 4 mile run.  I learned some important things about running in my neighborhood:

-It is not advisable to try to cross one of the main roads at a minor intersection.  I had to double back to the intersection controlled by the light, as there was just never a break in traffic, and I though it was not advisable to cross in the dark!

-All of the houses on one street in our new subdivision use the exact same Christmas decorations.  They are pretty, but by the time you've seen 4-5 houses, it just gets boring.

-Apparently emergency vehicles in our town can make all of the lights at an intersection stay red except in the direction they are approaching.  I spent a very long time jogging in place while waiting for them to go through, and then through a whole new light cycle.  Next time I'll just turn around and run towards the other intersection.

-There were more people out running after dark than I expected!  We live in a very safe neighborhood, and it gets dark early now in the winter, but I still expected to have the sidewalk mostly to myself.  It was nice to see so many other people out for a run!

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